Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will you look at my art and or give me critiques? 

I don't mind looking at the art work when time permits but No I can not critique your work. Here's the reason why. Art is a very personal taste and when a young artist starts to feel questionable about their works they tend to look for confirmation or others will just seek that pat on the head thinking they're on the right path. If you fall within either of those two points you need to fix that ASAP!

Other artist's points of view on your work will only confuse you! What I like another artist may not. So what makes my opinion better than others? So if you draw the hands the way I like but you don't feel comfortable then why are you doing it? Art style comes due to how you like to work. Style evolves with your imperfections which makes your art, your own brand. Why have some other artist mess with how you perceive the world. So question yourself whenever you need to fix your art. Don't bother looking towards others for the answer. Work at your craft and you'll shine in due time.

  • Do you mentor young artists?

Nope, no need to as no one mentored me and I work hard for what I produce. So if I can do it. So can you!

  • What pencil do you use?

Equipment I use are only tools. In the long run what I use you may not like so purchase lots of tools and find what works best for you. At times you may like a particular pencil lead but then your taste will evolve to try something new. Just test around and see what works best. But currently I use a Pentel Graphgear 1000 but I favor the standard No. 2 School pencil, it's basic and it's an HB lead that I like.

  • What brand of paper do you use?

In the affiliates page here on my site I have a direct link to the type of bran of paper I normally use. Georgia Pacific 110lb Card Stock Paper. Try it out, really good paper.

  • When is it right to sell my art work?

Whenever you feel that you're confident enough to work on projects. Low confidence in your ability will screw you over so KNOW that you're READY. Start off with small projects like selling head shots, then work your way up to half body shots then full body. Never take on more than you can handle. Best practice, do 1 job at a time! Trust me, it'll take a toll on you if you try to be a super hero and take more work. 1 is your magic number!

  • How much should I charge to sell my art works?

It all depends on the time and care put into each piece. Start low if you haven't made a name for yourself yet. Normally fan art is the way to start but you can still create your own art as well. Just sell for what you think it's worth then if you're making fast and consistent sales you can up the prices little by little and see where that takes you. Just keep pumping out the art and sooner or later they will sell.

  • Can you art swap with me?

Sorry, no, I don't art swap, my time is super chaotic and every piece I create goes to sale so I can survive another day.

  • Can I request characters for you to draw in the near future?

YES! Most def. Feel free to ask for future character's for me to illustrate, leave the comments in my Instagram, Youtube, Facebook. Just let me know it's a request and I'll know why you're leaving the comment. So feel free to ask away!

  • Will you be doing any conventions soon?

Nope, not likely anytime soon. Workloads n such.

  • Will you be doing digital art for video’s?

YES! Working on those every so often. In this new day and age I have to keep up with changing times and social media so a lot of my day goes into staying relevant. It's not easy but I'll keep pushing forward.

  • Are you open for commissions?

Nope, if I ever do, my website and other social media will have announcements that you can't miss! I have older workloads to finish up but maybe later down the line.